Price list of the translation company

Languages Price excluding VAT (EUR/page*)
Estonian-English-Estonian 11.00
Estonian-Russian-Estonian 10.50
Estonian-Finnish-Estonian 11.00
Estonian-German-Estonian 12.00
Estonian-Latvian-Estonian 14.00
Estonian-Lithuanian-Estonian 15.00
Estonian-Swedish-Estonian 14.00
Estonian-French-Estonian 16.00
English-Latvian-English 14.00
English-Lithuanian-English 14.00
English-Finnish-English 15.00
English-Russian-English 13.00
Other** request a quote

*A standard page is 1,800 characters including spaces.

**Other languages: Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, etc.

The minimum translation volume calculated per one order is 0.5 pages.

Each client receives an individual quote depending on the languages, the volume of the material, and the analysis results.

If you are looking for a quote with an approximate translation price and deadline, please fill in the form below or send an email to the address

We will start work as soon as we have agreed on all the details with the client.